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Guardians is an innovative VR shooter that blends RTS and FPS genres in a Sci-Fi setting. The game has a single player campaign and multi player PVP and PVE modes.

Both multiplayer modes are cross play between PC and Oculus Quest.

With your purchase here, you will receive an Oculus App Lab key (click on request key button) and enter the key here https://secure.oculus.com/redeem-code/.

You'll also receive the final game when it is released in the official Oculus store.

NOTE: The game is also available on App Lab now https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/5380153758692064/

More info, support, screenshots and videos here :  http://virtualage.io/guardiansvr

StatusIn development
Release date Feb 26, 2021
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsOculus Quest, Real time strategy, Virtual Reality (VR)
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsOculus Quest
MultiplayerAd-hoc networked multiplayer
LinksSteam, Blog


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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Will the only PC version be on Steam, or  is it going to be released on the Oculus/Meta store (pc version)?

Hi! We plan to release on the oculus store at some point  but we don't have a timeline yet sorry. 

Update 7 posted on sidequest but not on this page. incoming?


We completely migrated to app lab in U6, but don't worry you are entitled to a free key for app lab :) 

Please go to http://virtualage.io/guardians-app-lab-key and type your itch.io email address and will receive an email with the instructions. 


Cool! Thanks !

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i bought the game an hour ago and im entering my email and username i double checked and i uppercased the letters that need to be uppercase and it still says i didnt buy the game

i tried to get the app lab key to but it says i didnt make the purchase but i even have the game in my library 

i hope this gets resolved because i dont wanna waste 15$


Fixed! Have fun !

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it looks like facebook want to get the same pay without the redeem code someone trying to play both side on us after we already paid for it and now don't want to to have the game without paying anther cost for the other side, what a scam this smell like. , I still can't log on  it's   keep  telling me   my profile  is in use and i don't understand that . this happen after i updated  the game.   Now   it won't let me in to play it..........WHY???


I'm sorry, not sure I understand the issue :)  

If I understand correctly, if the game is telling you the name is already in use it might be because it detects previous scores with that user name. If you don't mind please join our discord server here: https://discord.gg/PCNuAA6A

Contact any of the devs and we will be happy to help you :) 


I downloaded with SQuest, a while ago but haven't played since it went over to App Labs.

I cannot get past the Update screen within the game

When I go to Itchio or App Labs it just comes back with full price option, no update..

Help please


Have you claimed your key for app lab? If not please head to http://virtualage.io/guardians-app-lab-key and type the email address where you received the email from itch with the download links. You will receive an email with the key and instructions on how to migrate. 

If you still have issues upgrading please send us an email to info@virtualage.com and we will help you :)



This game is great, its the VR game i have been waiting for.  I would had paid $30 for this. The problems i encounter are the AI robots and meck are not attacking enought, they need to help out more especially in intence battles. Also i had a problem where some menus were not responding. I would also like to see a save progress feature. Also players should be able to upgrade and customize the robots amd meck and perhaps make them stronger and have different colour options too like red or blue.

Finally, i love the idea of the drivable vehicles updates planned, so how about a our own ship that we can fly.

So thank you Developers for this game, this is the first time i am actually written a review on any game and i been playing VR since 2017. So keep up the great work and continue to update. I will do my part to introduce friends to this game.


Hi! Now that you are on App Lab, when will you be sending out codes to existing buyers from here? 

Deleted 2 years ago


Please head over to Guardians App Lab key – VirtualAge Games

and type your email address, you will receive the key with the instructions on how to install and restore your progress. 

We just finished preparing this website, sorry we are trying to go as fast as we can with this :)


Thanks a bunch!

Thank you for supporting the game! :) 

Deleted 2 years ago

I understand the hold up, and I know I’m not aware of how fast you got approved to be part of app lab, and how fast you had to work to get these out. I’m just super excited to be able to continue my game. I’ll also add that I appreciate being able to continue my game, and not start it from scratch.  Sometimes that makes you not want to restart, when you put so many hours behind something. 


Yes, please head over to Guardians App Lab key – VirtualAge Games

and type your email address, you will receive the key with the instructions on how to install and restore your progress. 



This game is really good the only problem I have with the game is the one enemy thats like some giant scorpion thing that's keeps spamming really fast bombs that instantly destroy the fusion reactor and such, my guns won't kill it fast enough before it gets destroyed, basically my problem is that particular enemy is too op so please like slow down the rate at which the bomb is thrown to give players a chance to shoot the bombs and shoot that giant scorpion thing, otherwise this game is awesome in all other aspecs

We are glad you liked the game.

Regarding the big scorpio, there are several tricks that may help you :

- You have to give them something to target closer than your base, maybe a wall, or a robot to sacrifice. They will target units/structures that are close to them before reaching your base.

- You can shoot the bombs while in the air to protect the base.

- There is a weapon called Gravity Gun that can take the bombs and throw it away.

Have fun!

Ohhhh!!! I was wondering what the gravity gun would be used for. Thanks for the tips!


Yes! It can grab (and shoot by pulling the left lever) almost anything, units included! ;)

So in other words, we currently can't play Guardians VR on the oculus store via App Labs.

They already said are working on it. 


just side load it, its worth the effort

Just bought the game a couple of hours ago, when  trying to activate the game on Oculus  Quest 2 it says  "the  e-mail has already been activated"  ???

Thank you for buying Guardians!  We've fixed your activation.  Have fun!

Thank you for your swift service!

Such a good game, had my expectations fairly low as I do with most games just to not get dissapointed but holy did this blow my mind. This feels a lot like Planetary Annihilation: TITANS mixed with a VR fps. 

The stuff that I like: 
- Being able to build defense, basically the tower defence mechanic. It feels really good to use and the economy seems fair.
- Gunplay feels really nice. Guns have physics collision and its one of few on the oculus quest.
- The artstyle. The graphics looks pretty aight, nothing mind blowing but it looks good enough especially on the quest, The artstyle is really nice and what I mean with that is the color choice and the general style. Looks kinda like realistic cartoon if that makes sense
- Gameplay and UI: The gameplay is really fun, I'm not sure how replayability is and that is quite an important factor to me. Maybe we will see procedurally generated levels sometime? (Maybe not campaign missions but sandbox mode should be procedurally generated. The UI looks really clean and the game feels like its pretty polished

The stuff that I dont like: 
- QoL stuff: Some stuff like the weapon wheel and the VRIK rig doesn't really feel that nice. Switching weapons mid fight is not very fluent and Ill have to reopen the menu to accidetnally close it again to selecting the wrong weapon. I would like for that to improve, and the VRIK seems to clip trough my head all the time which gets annoying. Maybe have a "calibrate height" option + a floating hands option? 
- Performance: This game doesn't feel smooth to play, theres always lag when you're near an explosion and I wish we could play this in 90hz (not sure if its 90hz or not but it doesn't feel like it + it's not constant) 
- The Friendly AI. I'm not sure if this is a me-problem but a lot of times my bots wont attack the enemies. They attack one target and once they kill that target they dont attack the next target. 

So, to recap: This game is amazing, so much fun especially if you like towerdefense games like Planetary Annihilation: TITANS. 
The only downisde to this game right now is some QoL (Quality of life) things and performance. If you fix that this game would defo be one of my favorite games on the Quest 2.

QoL ideas:
- Smoother animations for AI (they seem to jitter a lot)
- Better scope for the assault rifle
- Upgradable weapons (this will only be per game, killing bugs will give you a new type of currency which you can spend in a menu that allows weapon upgrades such as bigger magazines, faster fire rate etc) 
- Smooth turning
- Better loading screen (the loading screen is the only part of this game that feels kind of "cheap" or however you want to call it)

Thats it, thanks for this amazing game :D

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Hi Yucci,  I switched to weapons on body option and the weapon selection is as good as any vr shooter, just throw them on the ground when you want to grab another one and the old gun will respawn on you again. It will make your combat so much more fluid. i never used grenades when I had to pull up the menu for them. now i just pull one off my waist and use them constantly. Two hip placements, one on your lower back and two shoulder placements. 

Great game, I was wondering if this will work with the multi-User upgrade on Quest 2? I bought this thinking I use this with my two Quest 2 VR headsets, but it seems that I can't. Any information will be appreciated. 


Until Oculus doesn't approve the game for App Lab we can't use the multi-user functionality, and we have to do this manually :)

Once you activate the game on the first headset contact us with your email address at info@virtualage.com or join our discord https://discord.gg/EYZDUcrEH2 and ping any of the developers and we will help you activating the second device.


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This game is crossbuy? If i pay itch.io or steam vr i have possibility of play veraion pcvr and standalone (quest2 and steamvr)?


Sorry we only plan to make the game crossbuy between Oculus PC and Oculus Quest when Oculus finally approves the game for App Lab/Rift store. 


No Steam/PC release? Come ooon. I don't have (nor desire to get) Facebook privacy-stealing devices. Let the free people play your game too!

The game is available on Steam already :)



esto es igual a Crashland

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Guardians is completely different from crashland. There are alien bugs, and there are weapons, and that's pretty much where the similarities end :) 

Guardians is a realtime strategy/first person shooter hybrid.  Here you have to collect resources, and use those resources to spawn units and structures, give them orders like defend an area or attack an enemy, and defend the base, a payload or go on search and destroy missions. It has a single player campaign, and also has Co-OP and PvP Multiplayer modes, unlike crashland that's single player only.     

And that's just the begining! We are adding ridable vehicles, more maps, energy blades, and much more in the next updates :)


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I just played Crashland for ten minutes, then requested a refund. Crashland has no co op, no vehicles, no robots, drones, tanks , no turrets for the player to jump on... no different guns, reloading , no jumping, no posts to fortify or defend, no objects or structures in the environments... just a single player old school wave shooter with no real content to keep you playing beyond ten minutes. Guardians is also priced lower! Guardians kicks the crap out of Crashland's gameplay IMHO. 

I love what you've done here! Very polished game and fun to play - wether it's alone in the campaign or together with some friends!

Thank you very much WalaWala! :)

Farpoint meets Out Of Ammo! Wow!!! Bravo to the devs for this! I would love a little more accuracy with the holographic scope, but man you have one hell of a game going here! Thank you for this much needed co op! 

Amazing! I purchased it had a slight issue with activation the team got back to me in less than 10 mins and I am up and running thanks

Thank you very much Spayceee! :)

it said 1 hr n now back to 2? When does this come out?

In 45 mins! Sorry for the delay, we were just making sure everything is up and running :)

Will be handing you my money 3 hrs :) Cant wait to play this! Are there private lobbies? 

Yes! you can set a password to your coop/pvp game